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Great Practice, Don’t Forget:

Written By: - Sep• 19•13

NO practice next week! The bowling alley is being repainted therefore there will be no bowling practice and no Beginners Night with the Fringe Bowling team. While we are bummed that we will not be getting our practice time in or our valued time with out favorite bowling friends, we are excited to see what the bowling alley will look like once it is finished. This is going to be a great way to draw more people in to want to go bowling thanks to the new look, so we are pumped!

On a separate note, we have been really impressed with some of the people who have been coming out for Beginners Nights over the last couple of weeks. There are so many people with so much potential; it is hard to believe that they are beginners. Maybe we should start a “Not so much beginners as experienced amateurs” night! Anyway, we are always looking for more ways to grow as a team so if you or anyone you know has any fun ideas for us as far as getting involved with the community then please check out our “contact” information and send us over some great ideas.

Since there is no practice this week, we can move right in to the tip of the week. The bowling tip of the week being brought to you by Fringe Bowling is how you know that you won in bowling. Bowling, unlike golf, is a game where you want to rack up the most points possible. The person with the greatest amount of points wins. When you knock all of the pins down on the first throw it is called a strike, and when you knock all of the pins down on the second throw it is called a spare. Which surprisingly our beginners get a lot of!

There was your tip of the week, see you next time!

Update For Fringe Bowl Team

Written By: - Sep• 19•13

Hey everyone! I’m sure you all are really enjoying our blog updates just as much as we are enjoying creating them for you. It has been so much fun to get together with some of our best friends and bowl competitively for so many years, and now the fact that we are able to update our friends and family online makes it even better. There are so many exciting events coming up that we are really working so hard to pull together. Between the Beginners Nights and the Bowling for Barks event, we feel like our heads are spinning. This is such a great opportunity for all of us and we really want to thank our loyal friends and families for sticking with us through it all. Well, as promised below you will find our bowling tip that we wanted to share with you.

This week we wanted to talk about how you hold a bowling ball. This is a very important part of bowling in general. If you hold the ball improperly, you risk serious injury to yourself and potentially others. Furthermore, you are not bowling to the best of your ability if you are not holding the ball properly. In an earlier post we discussed finding the right bowling ball for you and your body structure. Now once you have found the right bowling ball for you, you will proceed to position the ball in front of you so that the holes are on top of the ball. Then you will place your hand above the ball palm down. You will curl your middle finger and ring finger down in to the top two holes, and your thumb will go in the bottom hole. It is important that you learn to bowl with your dominant hand to protect yourself and others from injury.

Well, that is our bowling tip of the week!

Bowl For Barks

Written By: - Sep• 19•13

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! The time has finally come. Tickets are available for purchase for our awesome Bowling for Barks event that is in October. This is a great event where we are going to be giving half of the proceeds to a charitable foundation that helps to provide life saving medical treatment to dogs that are with families who can no longer afford to pay the dog’s medical bills. This is such an important foundation that we are all trying to help out because of the economic struggles that many people face. So without further adieu, here are some of the benefits to buying a ticket for Bowling for Barks with the Fringe Bowl Team:

Tickets are $30 for one ticket, and $50 for a pair of tickets. Tickets come with:

• All night bowling with the professionals
• Bowling ball rental is included
• Shoe rental is included
• One free bowling lesson with a professional
• Buffet style food that is catered by Jim’s Pizzeria
• Free refills with the concession stand in the bowling alley
• A chance to meet and greet with some precious pups
• A chance to win the amazing Bowling for Barks Basket!

This is all for a great cause, so come on out, grab a friend and help to make a difference. These animals that are receiving the medical treatment are primarily from our community so not only are we helping those who cannot help themselves, but we are making our community a little brighter as well.

The entire Fringe Bowl Team will be at the alley from 5pm until close so you will be able to bowl with a professional all night while you enjoy some really delicious food that is provided by Jim’s Pizzeria located on 5th and Main. We hope to see you all there!

Beginners Night With Fringe Bowl Team!

Written By: - Sep• 19•13

Hello friends and family! As most of you are probably aware, Fringe Bowl Team is hosting a Beginners Night so that we can enjoy our favorite game with some of our favorite people. This is going to happen on the first Thursday night of every month. The cost is going to be $15 to bowl all night with a professional. So it will be fun and you will get to learn something new each time you come and play with Fringe Bowl Team. In light of this being our first week with a Beginners Night, we decided to start by providing a little information about how to choose a bowling ball. Believe it or not, choosing the perfect bowling ball for you will help to improve your game tremendously. Furthermore, choosing the wrong ball can hinder you a lot! Therefore, here are some handy tips that you can use in order to make the most of your bowling experience.

While the bowling alley has tons of bowling balls available, if you ever decide to get more serious about bowling, then you will need to have a custom ball made. All professionals have their own ball made because of all of the factors that vary from player to player in order to determine the right ball for you. However, for now you can stick to the bowling balls that are free to rent with your Beginners Night ticket purchase. First you will need to find a ball that has the right hole sizes for your fingers. You can walk down the isles and size up the finger holes on each ball and test out your grip. Once you find the right sized holes for your bowling grip, you will then begin picking up the ball. If the ball is a struggle to get off of the rack, then it is too heavy. If it is light as a feather for you, then it is too light. You should be able to feel the ball in your hands and be able to sway the ball back and forth with momentum and without feeling any strain or pain.

That’s how you pick a bowling ball! We hope to see you all at Beginners Night!

Welcome To The New Blog

Written By: - Jan• 01•13

Hi guys, ok so it took way longer than we had planned, but we finally got around to setting up a blog for the Fringe Bowl Team.

On this blog we will keep all team members up to date with whats going on.

I was able to set it up on my own, thanks to this great step by step guide on how to make a website I found

I also found this video helpful: